In the summer of 2006, several life vectors 
merged to launch Tim's Pens. One, my 
brother Mike, a soul blessed with unbounded 
imagination with machines, had for years worked to equip me with tools, including a lathe. Two, through a career as an ad agency creative director and writer, I'd tried to meld letters and designs with meaning. Three, a stack of fine African hardwood, remnant of an old business deal, sat in my garage. Four, I'd just broken my calligraphy teacher's favorite writing pen, and had to make her a new one. When I received a poster (below) from the teacher, Rebecca Wild, showing the replacement I'd crafted indeed worked, 
I was off. Since then, 
I've sold pens to artists 
around the world, and 
garnered increasing 
professional approval. 

Hand tools, hand processes. There is no "mass" in my production. Shaft woods are selected for their strength, figure and color, then hand-finished so finely the first thing buyers want to do is touch them to their faces. And nibs are all recycled metal, hammered, folded, ground and polished 
for smooth flow on paper. 
   What we do here
Image by Rebecca Wild