With Tim's Pens, you get a writing and drawing instrument like no other. 

  Choice of wood weight, color and figure.  

  Two nib styles: radiused, most flexible in use,
     or dagger, for very small or very large forms. 

  Long, standard or short shafts. Long pens are
    lovely and ceremonial; standard pens are just
    that; and short pens fit in your palm for
    aggressive strokes. 

  Deliver a range of line widths. 

  Usable with any fluid medium.

  Last a lifetime with proper care. Instructions

  Most pens $35.00. Bone and rare woods $45.
    Shipping averages $6.00

  A small sampling of shapes and sizes appears
    here. They'll give you an idea; after that, we
    should talk. 

Tim's Pens, Portland, Oregon

T: 503-380-8445  E. tim@leighcompany.com
They sing to you. Whether lying on the table looking smart, in your hand feeling oh so smooth, or on paper creating forms of verve and power, these pens beckon, sing, urge you onward. Plus, though they start as refuse, they finish as useful art pieces, so a sustainable note is struck. Nary a buyer yet who hasn't been perfectly satisfied.
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